The restoration of the Woodman Lodge stands as a tribute to the spirit and determination of our forefathers, those Pioneers who dared to dream against great odds. These were our Parents and Grandparents, who lived with honor and took the chances that paved the way for the freedom and luxury we enjoy today.

This is Modern Woodman of America Camp 8630. The members were the men and women of the Snoqualmie Valley. They were tough, hard working pioneers who performed the dangerous jobs of harvesting timber, mining coal, building power plants and bringing the railroad over the Cascade mountain range to Snoqualmie, and then Seattle. Prior to the existence of Medical or Life insurance, fraternal organizations like the Modern Woodman of America were created as a means of social and community structure. The motto of the society was "per autre vie," meaning "for the life of another."

The lodge system, which remains in effect today, nurtures community spirit by bringing families together for wholesome, social, recreational and service activities.

As an Historic Steakhouse and Saloon, the Woodman Lodge has once again become a destination providing wonderful memories for Family and Friends.

Thank You for joining us!

Woodman Lodge

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